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ACUMEN ELECTRONICS COMPANY is an I/E worldwide trading company of the Semiconductor section and the Distributor/Agent of the Finished Product established in 2001 in Hong Kong. At the beginning, our primary business is focused on selling and buying the active electronic components all over the world.

However, with Acumen's sensitive market sense, we diversify & concentrate our business direction to be the Authorized Agent in the electronic industry. Based on Acumen's renowned reputation & continuously efforts, one of the famous manufacturers in Korea - DadamMicro Inc. grants us as the Authorized Agent of HK, Singapore & Malaysia at the beginning of 2004. Their advanced and hi-tech products are focused on the wireless sectors.

At the same time, we announce the other two creative products in the market namely Smart Pointer and X-Pointer. These two wireless products are come from the famous Korean companies too. Acumen is their Authorized Sole Distributor in HK, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia & Kuwait respectively.

"Efficiency" & "Reliable" are the slogans of Acumen.


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